Horizon Poodles


Horizon Poodles is a small, home-based kennel in Northern Minnesota.  I have been breeding healthy, happy, home-raised Miniature Poodles for conformation, obedience, agility, and companionship since 1998.  As a Veterinary Technician with over 20 years of experience, testing and temperament are of utmost importance to our breeding program. They can’t just look good and move well on the outside, they have to be sound on the inside too!!

We are proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit, and be one of the founders of the Western Lake Superior Poodle Club, and current member of the Twin Cities Poodle Club, and the Duluth Kennel Club.

I originally started working at a local kennel for a breeder of miniature poodles in 1992.  I never thought I would like poodles.  Like many people I had a pre-misconception about them as I had only met the backyard breeder versions that were poor quality and had terrible temperaments  Anne Seppo introduced me to a whole new world of not only poodles but the dog show world as well.  It didn’t take long before I was hooked, going to both American and Canadian shows on a regular basis, showing her dogs.  Soon after, I met Jennifer Dege of Refinne Poodles.  I had always loved the outline of her dogs and wanted to learn how to get them.  Lucky for me she was a willing teacher, she taught me how to look at the overall structure of the dog and groom to fit the poodle.  A very important tip by the way, and here we are 20 years later  good friends and still going to dog shows together!!  She also volunteered  her professional handling skills to show Kaili for me when I got her to #1 in 2009 and wanted to keep her there.  After 21 years as a veterinary technician, I started my own grooming and boarding services under the Happy Tails Pet Grooming and Boarding name and my own professional dog show handling business, Horizon Handling. I have completed, or have helped complete, multiple championships not only on my own dogs, but for Amity Kennels,  Acina Poodles, Red Star Kennels, CJ Frenchies, SnowedOn Cairns, and several other clients as well.  I have handled  all three varieties of poodles, samoyeds, french bulldogs, cairn terriers, chihuahuas, siberian huskies, tollers, pointers, GSP, mastiffs,  bull terriers, and on a rare occasion a great dane(not an easy task!). Please feel free to contact us about our rate sheet.

With Happy Tails Grooming, We offer over 15 years of experience in correct all-breed grooming for dogs up to 50#,  plus boarding in our home for dogs that just don’t do well in that noisy, crazy large kennel environment and need that extra special staycation. We also offer Stay N Play services for the busy professional that wants their dog to have day supervision and entertainment. While my personal clientele grows, I also groom at the only reputable grooming establishment in Virginia, MN, the Grooming Station!

As our logo says, we breed for “Quality, Type, & Soundness (of both mind and body)”. We have silver, blue, black and may on occasion, have beige, silver beige, and white/Cream.  No red or apricot here, and absolutely NO party colors!

ANY TYPE OF DOODLE BREEDER NEED NOT INQUIRE!   We only breed purebred, well-tested, and well-loved poodles here!!!

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