Horizon Poodles

The Girls

BIS/BISS Am/Can Bronze GCH. Amity Mystical Horizon’s Heaven Sent, TP

  • Multiple Best in Show Winner
  • Multiple Specialty Best in Show Winner
  • Multiple Group Winner
  • Best of Opposite Sex Westminster 2010
  • 1st Silver Miniature in the History of the Breed to be #1 in both Breed and All-Breed
  • Top Producer!!
  • Tied for top producing dam in 2014
  • PCA 1st Award of Merit 2015 from the Veterans Class
  • Best Veteran Bitch in Show PCA 2015

OFA Hips-Good, Patellas-Normal, LCP- Clear, CERF-Normal, prcd-A, Cardiac-Normal, OCD Negative

Kaili, is the foundation bitch for the silver Horizon Poodles.  In 2007 she was 2nd in the large and always competitive Bred-by class at PCA as a puppy.  In 2008 she finished the year as the #4 Miniature in the US completely breeder/owner handled, and in 2009 Kaili became the first Silver Miniature in the HISTORY of the breed to be #1 ALL-SYSTEMS. In 2010 she went Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster.    In her career she has garnered over 100 group placements, including 19 Group 1’s, 7  Specialty Best in Shows, and 2 All Breed Best in Shows, making her the #1 miniature poodle  in 2 countries at the same time!     Kaili epitomizes poodle type. She has a beautiful face, dark  almond eyes, nice tight feet, nice front and rear assembly, a terrific side picture, and is sound coming AND going!  All this and she has tons of personality and attitude to burn!!!     She was the featured miniature in Martha Stewart Living November 2010. After leaving her mark on poodle history, Kaili is now retired from breeding and, after PCA, is enjoying her occasional show outings and being momma’s bed dog! She now leaves it up to her children and grandchildren to continue the legacy she started.


Kaili goes 1st Award of Merit and Best Veteran Bitch in Show at PCA 2015!!!!


GCH. Horizon’s Just A Rumor

  • Puppy Champion
  • Multiple Best of Variety Wins
  • Puppy and BBE Group winner

CERF-Normal, prcd-A by parentage, LCP-Clear, Patellas-Normal, Dentition- Full Dentition, Official Hips:Good, OCD(Dwarfism) – Non Carrier.

Tiki, is a little power house!  She is truly her mother in a very light cream package.  She is fearless, sweet, silly,  and a happy girl.  She has a beautiful face with nice dark pigment, wonderful feet, short backed, she is balanced front to rear, and is sound coming and going. All of this  and attitude to burn and then some!!!

Her Dam is BIS/BISS GCH. Amity Mystical Horizon’s Heaven Sent, Kaili, #1 Miniature poodle All-Breed 2009, and her Sire is BISS GCH. Alegria Independent Declaration, Dekker, #1 Miniature Poodle Breed 2011.   Tiki is also co-owned by Tim Glavan & Kim Pierotti and resides with her co-owner Tim Glavan.


CH. Horizon’s High Fashion

  • DOB: 4/5/2013

  • BBPIS show at 4 months of age

  • Best of Variety Wins over specials

  • PRCD-A by parentage, Full dentition, Hips-Good, Patellas-Normal, cardiac-Normal, CERF-Normal, OCD(dwarfism)- Non carrier, carries white gene

“Vivienne” is our first silver Kaili girl puppy out of CH. Refinne Foolin’ Around at Amity. She is packed full of attitude and always ready to go! She is short backed, with a pretty face, beautiful feet, nice rear and tail set, fantastic carriage, and side picture with plenty of reach and drive and is sound coming AND going just like her momma! She is Horizon’s social butterfly! Her first kids are now in the ring!


Multi BISS Silver GCH. Horizon’s Absolutely Me

  • Puppy Champion

  • BISS winner as a puppy

  • Multiple Group Winner and multiple Group Placing
  • PCA overall Best in Color matches

  • Top Ten Miniature Poodle for 2014!!
  • ENDED 2015 as #2 Miniature Poodle USA!!!


PRCD-A (DNA tested), Full Dentition, CERF-Normal, Cardiac-Normal, Hips-Prelim Excellent, OCD(Dwarfism) Gene – Non carrier. Pure for silver – Does not carry brown or white

“Lizzy” is our current silver star. She is sired by BISS GCH. Horizon’s Born to Run, Jeter, and is out of Am. CH. Amity’s Dior Pure Poison, Ivy ,who is also the half sister to Kaili.   She has a beautiful face, feet, topline, and tail set. She is short backed, with a ton of neck, and moves like a dream! People frequently comment that she is built like a standard and moves like one too!! She achieved a BISS her first weekend out as a special and followed that by her first group placement. She then won her first group, also as a puppy. After being put in her big girl trim she has continued her winning ways with multiple best of varieties and group placements and by ending 2014 in the top 10 in limited showing. She ended 2015 as the #2 miniature poodle in the USA!!

Lizzy acheives her Bronze GCH!


Lizzy crossed the northern border to Canada and competed in 3 shows picking up 8 points, 3 variety wins over specials and two group 4ths. Only 2 points to go!

Lizzy wins another Best in Specialty Show at the Witchita Poodle Club show in April!

Lizzy wins a group 2 at Indianhead Kennel club!

Lizzy wins Group 1 at Indianhead Kennel club sunday!


CH. Horizon’s Zoelle Rumor Has It

  • DOB:4/30/14

  • Multiple Best Of Variety over multiple Specials
  • Puppy Group Winner
  • PCA class placement

CERF-Normal, Patellas -Normal, full Dentition, Hip Prelims- Fair, prcd A, cardiac- normal

Rumor, is our Tiki Daughter out of CH. Refinne Just Foolin’ Around At Amity.  She started her show career with a bang by going Best of Variety overspecials for a 4 point major!  She is short backed and sound moving with expression to melt over.  She is co-owned with Tim Glavan, April Spurling, and Pam Spurling and currently resides with Tim.

News Flash!! Rumor goes winners bitch and best of Winners at the February Des Moines show for her 2nd 4 pt major!!

Rumor goes 3rd in her class at PCA 2015!

Rumor Wins back to back points in Indianhead Kennel Club including another Best of Variety over Specials.
Rumor goes WB/BW/BOV over specials at Minnetonka Kennel Club for 2 points!!

Rumor finishes her AM CH by going winners bitch for a 3 point major in Cambridge MN!!

CH. Horizon’s Heaven Knows
  • DOB: 6/7/2014
  • First points first weekend out at 6 months!

CERF- Normal, Patellas normal, prcd A, cardiac normal, Dentition – Missing 1 upper PM1, hip Prelims – Good

Savannah, “Vanna”, is everything we have been dreaming about for Horizon Poodles. She is out of the last litter of Kaili. Shortbacked, beautiful face, feet, front, and rear, and can use them! She has the fabulous hair of her parents and is packed full of attitude. this little fearless girl is out of BIS/BISS GCH. Amity Mystical Horizon’s Heaven Sent X BISS GCH. Alegria History In The Making. She debuted in the ring by going Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex over a special.

Savannah finishes her CH by going winners bitch in Cambridge, MN for her 2nd major!

WATCH FOR HER IN 2017 in the specials class.


AM/CAN CH. Horizon’s Just Like Heaven

  • DOB 6/7/2014
  • Both Majors by 8 months of age
  • Puppy Champion

CERF-Normal, PRCD- A, Hips – Good, Patellas normal, cardiac normal, full dentition

Sierra, “CeCe”, is the flashy sister to Savannah! She too is a sound moving girl with a pretty face, feet front and rear, and an expression to die for. She is packed with that “it” attitude!  Sierra is currently on lease to Julia Dickenson of Canada.

Sierra finishes her CH at 10 months of age in Jefferson WI!

Sierra debuted in Canada in her big girl trim and left the weekend with 7 points toward her canadian CH.  Julia will be finishing her CH.

Sierra finishes her canadian ch by going best of breed and Group 4 with Julia at the helm!


CH. Horizon SEAMIST’s Dream Catcher

  • DOB 3/22/14

CERF-Clear, Cardiac-Normal

Mika is the black littermate to our Spencer, she is a beautiful representation of the breed with a beautiful face, feet, and short back. She has sound movement, and wonderful hair and a correct tail set. She is co-owned and resides with Judy Cooksey and Don Adams of SEAMIST kennels on the east coast. Watch for her in the ring with Kaz Hoska.
News Flash! Mika gets her first major.

Mika takes 3rd in the Open Bitch Class at PCA 2015!!

Mika  Finished her CH with her second major!


CH. Horizon’s Fashionably Late


  • Best of Variety over specials

CERF – Normal, prcd A by parentage

Naomi, is our latest addition out of Vivienne (CH. Horizon’s High Fashion) and BISS GCH. Alegria History in the Making. She is a sweet and happy puppy that decided the show world is soooo for her! She is structurally beautiful having a short back. nice front and rear, neck, and a beautiful face. Oh yah, and she has hair to burn!

Naomi goes WB all three days in Marquette MI!

Naomi goes WB for a 3 pt major in Sioux Falls, SD!

Naomi goes WB/BW/BOV over specials for a major in Des Moines IA!

Naomi finishes her AM CH  in Grayslake IL at 11 months of age!!

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