Horizon Poodles



Sorry we have no puppies available at this time

Litter planned this winter/spring out of CH. Horizon’s Charmed and Dangerous, Piper



Email at info@horizonpoodles.com or call at (218)349-9216.  Emails are preferred as I do have a day job and may not be able to take your calls right away.  All phone calls may take 24 hours to answer.

Shipping is available through Delta or United PetSafe for the safe transport of our puppies. We offer personal air nanny delivery for an additional cost, or you are encouraged to fly in to pick up your puppy in person as the airlines are making it very difficult to cargo ship any type of animal.

We accept the following forms of payment for our poodles:Cash, cashiers check, Money Order, check (allow extra time for clearance), and now paypal for your convenience. Please add 3.5% to all paypal transactions for their processing fee and 5% on all international Paypal transactions. We also do bank transfer for international puppies.

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