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Health Testing

At Horizon Poodles health testing takes a very central role.   We genetically test all breeding stock for Hips(OFA), Eyes(BOTH prcd and CERF), Patellas, LCP, dwarfism, and Heart.  We do thyroid where clinics are provided.  All testing is viewable at www.offa.org . A LOT of testing goes into our dogs before they are ever bred and, although nothing is a 100%, we do our best to reduce the risk of genetically inherited diseases.


Hips are radiographed at 1 year (preliminary) and 2 years(official) to check for hip dysplasia and sent to the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) for evaluation.  This radiograph also provides the radiologist the view needed to rule out a crippling hereditary degenerative joint disease called Leggs-Calf Perthes (LCP).


All poodles are prcd tested by DNA blood test, or are ‘A’ by parentage. Prcd(progressive rod-cone degeneration) is only ONE form of PRA( progressive retinal atrophy) that can afflict poodles. Again, this is only one form of PRA,  so all poodles are also CERF’d yearly by a veterinary ophthalmologist for other various eye diseases including micropapilla, optic nerve hypoplasia, and other forms of PRA.


Patellas are examined by a veterinarian as puppies and then certified with OFA as adults.  It is not unusual for a young puppy to have slightly loose (but not luxating) patellas until they build muscle mass, but by 1 year the ligaments should be tight. Knees are certified after 1 year of age.


As health clinics allow, all breeding stock is evaluated for heart issues and certified with OFA. There are several things that can affect the heart and it is very important to keep teeth clean and regular dentals performed.  Oral bacteria (tartar) can cause damage to all organs in the body, especially the heart.


Breeding dogs are DNA tested for the dwarfism gene or clear by parentage.


For predominantly our international inquiries, you will be happy to know that we certify our dogs for their  full dentition and register the results with OFA.


Where health clinics allow, we do thyroid testing. Although hypothyroidism is easily treated, we do our best to eliminate this health issue form our lines.

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