Horizon Poodles

Health Guarantee

All our puppies are vet checked, fecal checked, microchipped, and current on vaccinations at time of sale appropriate to its age. We vaccinate for DHPP(Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvo} every 3- weeks starting at 7 until 16 weeks. Rabies is given at 14-16 weeks of age or older and should be separate from any other vaccinations, and Bordetella is given at 9-11 weeks of age. Puppies are also preventatively dewormed. They are also well socialized and crate trained, plus started on potty training.  When you receive your puppy, it is important to know that vaccinations are not complete. It is also important to discuss with your vet a safe vaccination schedule. Stacking of vaccinations can cause autoimmune breakdown in a healthy puppy. Your vet should be willing to work with you on a staggered vaccination schedule. They should also be willing to discuss all risks of giving highly reactive vaccinations like Lepto or Lyme.

Puppies sold as conformation/performance/companion quality are guaranteed for 3 years against life threatening or crippling hereditary disease and/or temperament. Any known health issues with a puppy would be predisclosed. Preexisting  health issues that have been disclosed, and accepted by purchaser, are not covered by our health guarantee. We also will null and void a health guarantee if it is found that a puppy has been vaccine overloaded or given oral flea/tick medications against our recommendations. This can cause autoimmune shut down in a healthy puppy.

Puppies are socialized from 3-4 weeks of age and exposed to many types of people and children. They are also already well traveled, crate trained, and potty training has been started.

Puppies sold as conformation quality are sold with the understanding that, at the time of evaluation, they possess the qualities necessary to compete in conformation. It is up to the buyer to complete its championship unless otherwise stated in the signed contract.  If a puppy develops a disqualifying fault, verified by myself, and a 3rd party in the poodle field, then the buyer has the option of keeping the puppy at companion cost on a limited registration or returning the puppy for either a replacement show puppy from a future litter, or a full refund.  At Horizon Poodles we know not every dog is a “show” dog, and not every “show” dog  is perfect, but we want only the best of the best to represent us in the show ring. When we sell one of our kids as show quality, that is exactly what they are.  We don’t believe in quantity, we believe in quality – of both mind and body.

Puppies sold for performance/companion are sold only on a spay/neuter contract. These puppies are just as healthy and are from the same litters as conformation puppies, but may not possess all of the strict qualities and requirements necessary for the conformation ring. They still make wonderful pets and/or performance prospects!!

Refund Policy: We offer 2 weeks for a full refund minus a $300 re-acclimation and transport pick up fee, after that we offer 50% minus re-acclimation fee up to 1 month. After 1 month we will still willingly take the puppy back but there is no refund unless there is a life threatening or crippling hereditary disease and/or temperament issue not predisclosed to the potential purchaser.

At ANYTIME if you are unable to keep the puppy and/or adult for personal reasons, it may be returned to us, but you will forfeit the purchase price or a portion of the purchase price as stated in the signed contract. As responsible breeders we do not want any of our dogs to contribute to the overcrowding of shelters.  They are always welcome home.

Purchase price or replacement puppy are only offered if there is documented proof from a veterinarian of a life threatening or crippling hereditary or temperament issue not predisclosed to purchaser.  As breeder, I have the right to request a second opinion from a third party veterinarian, and my own.

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