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by Horizon Poodles on Oct.20, 2010, under Latest News

While Kaili was being groomed for judging at the Westminster show this past February, Jennifer Dege was approached by a gentleman who was setting up a photo shoot for later that evening.  When he gave Jennifer his card she was going to let it go until she flipped the card over to find that the photo shoot was for the magazine “Martha Stewart Living”.  They were doing a special “pets’ section but were not aware when it was going to be published.  After benching was released at Westminster  at 8pm, I took Kaili up to the photo shoot where she was one of only 75 dogs who were asked and  of those only about 20 were published in the November issue.  She was not the only poodle photographed that day,  but it was soon apparent in the shoot that the photographer lover her and where it should have been a 10 minute shoot soon became 30 minutes!!! She ended up being the only poodle published!  I got to view several of the photos and some of them were very nice, unfortunately, not being poodle people, they don’t know what were would go GAGA over.  The one used in the magazine was not my pick but the fact remains that she is in a world renowned magazine.  Check her out in the November 2010 issue.  She is in the index on page 3 and on page 19.  You can also see the behind the scenes of part of the photo shoot at marthastewart.com.  Click on ‘pets’, then click on ‘video’ and on the left hand side down on the page you will see ‘best in show’ click on that and you will see the video. There is also a still of the photo used.

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